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Privacy Policy

We consider a privilege to have you as a client and we take your privacy seriously. We pledge to:

  • Be transparent about the different types of data we collect and how we use them.
  • Use best-in-class technical measures to keep your data safe and protect it from unauthorised access.

Information collection and use

Personal information

As of today we collect your;

  • full name
  • email address

Your GTD elements

This is a GTD tool so in order to provide our service we have to store your GTD data. This data includes your actions, projects, contexts, and so.

Where You Data Is Stored

Your data is stored using Digital Ocean servers based in USA.

Data security

We are committed to protect the security of your information:

  • Your password is protected by encryption and only you have access to it
  • All the information that Oncue interchanges is encrypted. This includes both the communication with your browser and the communication with other systems
  • Your data is backed up every day
  • Oncue employees will never monitor or view your personal information or content stored in our systems without your consent
  • We won't sell, rent or exchange your personal information with any third party under any circumstance

As well as our own measures, you may wish to consult those of our hosting provider

Your Right To Portability

You have the right to export your data at any time. To do this, please email support. We will reply and provide you with a CSV file.

Your Right To Erasure

You have the right to erase your data at any time. To do this, please login and use the link on the settings page. Unfortunately, this will mean we will also have to delete your account.

Data Retention Policy

In order to deliver our service to you, we retain all of your data for as long as your subscription payments are up to date. If you cancel your subscription, we will retain your data for 1 year to give you the chance to return. After this, it will be deleted. If you invoke your right to erasure, your data will be deleted immediately.